Consultants, Trainers, Coaches, Mentors

Linda Wilson


Linda is a certified steno court reporter in Mississippi with a well-rounded background, having served as an official as well as a freelancer.  She also scopes dailies in Case CATalyst for other reporters and is an instructor and owner of Learn to Transcribe training academy.  She can save you a TON of research by employing her 40 years of court reporting experience to advise you on career choices, answer general questions, and assist you to accomplish YOUR dreams!

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Angie Ryder


Angie is an Authorized Advanced Eclipse Trainer living in Alabama who trains court reporters, captioners, and scopists.  She is the Eclipse instructor for the College of Court Reporting, teaching both steno and voice writers.  She assists Eclipse users and those considering Eclipse, advises anyone interested in the court reporting field about career choices, helps with computer issues, and guides scopists in setting up their businesses. 

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Chris Renegar


​Chris resides in El Paso, Texas, and has been a proofreader (Word, Eclipse, StenoCAT), medical and legal transcriber, and a scopist (Eclipse and StenoCAT) for 25 years.  Still using errata sheets and want to go paperless?  Don't know where to start to proof for court reporters?  Need help setting up a new proofing business?  Collection strategies?  Maintaining clients?  Chris can give an honest assessment to help identify and remedy issues to ensure repeat clients for years.

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Glen Warner


Glen lives in Seattle, Washington, and has been proofreading and transcribing legal documents since 1998.  He also has a wealth of expertise in troubleshooting and resolving computer and audio problems.  Glen enjoys helping people with Plover and other issues and has a website Cheap and Sleazy which contains a vast supply of helpful resources for court reporting students.

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Krista Gibson


Krista is a court reporter and firm owner in South Carolina and has trained many transcriptionists.  She will nudge you to stay on the right path toward producing excellent transcripts.  She can also help you with Word software features as well as provide templates for depositions and trials.  She is eager to meet you and help you get started transcribing.

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Barb Enneking


Barb is a 35-year Ohio court reporter who has used many versions of Dragon voice recognition software during her career.  She consults with anyone interested in learning what they will need to begin their journey with voice recognition.  Barb also assists voice transcriptionists who may have become stuck on a software issue or have other questions about Dragon.  

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Laura Romo


Laura is a California CSR now residing in Texas, using an iPad to proofread for other court reporters and can explain how she uses an app to proofread a file.  In addition, Laura can answer questions regarding things she watches for as she is proofing as well as questions involving professional interaction with clients.

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Caroline Garcia


Caroline is a certified court reporter in Georgia, having worked as both official and freelance, using voice recognition and CAT software to produce transcripts.  She is a transcript master and knows the rules in Morson's English Guide.  She would be happy to help you with transcript formatting and Morson's punctuation.

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Monica Eskenasy


Monica lives in Pennsylvania, holds a master's degree in deaf education, and is a former educator of deaf/hard of hearing students.  She currently works with audio and movie files, typing offline captions embedded in TV ads, YouTube videos, etc. and can answer all of your questions regarding the process she employs. 

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Laurie Topper


​Laurie began her career as a notereader, then attended Merit College of Court Reporting and became a certified court reporter in California where she still maintains her license. She has since relocated to Florida and now scopes for other reporters and mentors new court reporters and/or students.   

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Maggi Saunders


Maggi, a California certified court reporter, mentors new reporters toward achieving transcript excellence.  Additionally, Maggi has succeeded in helping seasoned reporters with stress overload to learn how to better manage their daily schedules and, thus, enjoy a more rewarding and peaceful quality of life. 

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Tomas Serrano


Tomas, of Syracuse, NY,  has owned the transcription firm, A T Services of Central New York, Inc., since 1984.  He and his staff have prepared thousands of legal, medical, and insurance transcripts.  Tomas is a pro with Word software and would be delighted to help you create your own personalized Word templates.  

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Corina Reyes Carter


Corina lives in Texas, attended court reporting school, and has been scoping full time in Case CATalyst for the past ten years.  Even though  things can be found through research, Corina can save you much valuable time by sharing things that she wishes she had known before launching her home-based scoping business.

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Joe Donahue


Joe resides in Pennsylvania and has a B.A. degree in communications.  He has been proofreading for six years and has worked with documents ranging from court transcripts to news articles. He is happy to talk with you about the proofreading trade and what to realistically expect during the first year of proofing. 

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Shawna Ortega


Shawna lives in California and is an AAERT certified transcriptionist as well as a scopist. She began her transcription career at a private investigations firm creating law enforcement transcripts and has transcribed legal documents over 25 years.  Shawna can answer any transcription questions that you might have.  

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Rachel Sincere


Rachel lives in Wisconsin and is a former RPR trained at Lakeshore Technical College in Cleveland, WI. She spent seven years working as a reporter in circuit court and also worked as a district court reporter and a freelancer. While she has extensive scoping and proofreading experience, she currently works 30-40 hours per week transcribing as an independent contractor. Rachel can give your transcripts a once-over and provide honest advice. 

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Larry Paiz


Larry has been a Stenograph Certified Independent Training Agent since 1992, Texas CSR from 1979 to 2015, and was the director of the Court Reporting Institute from 2010 to 2015.  Larry is a graduate of the Stenograph Institute of Texas and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas Tech.  Learn to take advantage of all the Case CATalyst features that ensure that you get the best translation and editing results you’ve ever experienced!

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Ann Crowley Canavan


Ann lives in Louisiana, attended court reporter school, and has been scoping full time in Case CATalyst for the past year and a half.  She can answer all your questions regarding the equipment and setup that she uses and what is needed to launch your home-based scoping business.  Ann can also save you much valuable time by sharing things she has learned that she wished she had known from the beginning, saving you much research time.

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