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  • Transcriptionists
  • Proofreaders
  • Scopists

Who Are We?



We listen to you.  Based on your unique situation, family needs, educational background, personal skills, along with your vision, we help guide you toward the best fit for you, whether that be training as a court reporter, transcriptionist, scopist, or proofreader.  With your passion, your goals and dreams CAN become reality! 



The difference between a trainer and a coach is subtle, and the two are often confused.  Training involves transferring knowledge, whereas coaching involves enhancing knowledge.  We provide training on Word, WordPerfect, Eclipse, and Case CATalyst software, as well as provide assistance with computer issues.



We are a mixture of experienced court reporters, scopists, proofreaders, transcribers, mentors, consultants, and certified trainers from different areas of the United States.  Each of us is equipped with unique expertise to share with you during a confidential consultation.  Our coaches help you keep moving forward!

Trust Us For Answers!


Ask Your Questions ...

Already employed as a court reporter, transcriptionist, proofreader, or scopist and need a little help or some questions answered?  Considering training or transitioning into one of these professions and need some solid advice?  Our coaches and personal trainers are blue-ribbon transcript masters.  Select the perfect career consultant of your choice to guide you and provide spot-on answers tailored to your specific and unique needs!  


We Are Here to Help You ...

From general to specific questions, our consultants share their knowledge with you and provide reliable advice, saving you much valuable time from performing your own tedious research!  Our pages give a glimpse into some of the questions received by our coaches.  You may have similar questions or just need someone to patiently walk you through a frustrating software issue or a confidential situation with a client.  We know that everyone needs help with something sooner or later, and that's what we do!


Time is Money!

If you are in a sticky work-related situation, unsure of your next steps or options, or just have broad general or overview questions, our team of professionals cut to the chase and can save you many hours of research time!

How Does it Work?

  • $25 for 30-minute personal consultation.
  • PayPal or credit card.
  • Your coach will contact you for appointment.
  • Phone, video, online, or email available.
  • Days, nights, or weekends available.