Reality Check!

I'm drowning in questions!  How long should it take for me to find my first client?  Can someone help me with a flyer introducing myself?  Do I really need a rate sheet?  How many different scoping choices should I offer?  What can I do if a client stiffs me for payment?  

No worries!  One of our scoping coaches to the rescue!  All of your burning questions will be answered during a personal consult with your coach.

How important is it to read steno?

There are different schools of thought on this matter, and it is sometimes hotly debated.  While we think it is extremely helpful, a job can be scoped without the scopist having the ability to decipher steno outlines.

I need some easy-to-remember Cat software tips and tricks!

Would these help me scope faster and make more money per hour?  And is it even possible to scope 40 to 50 pages in a clock hour?

Our Eclipse and Case CATalyst coaches can teach you many software features and functions to greatly enhance your editing speed.

Can I scope in Word?

Files without underlying steno are sometimes edited in non-CAT word processing programs, and some do refer to that as scoping.  

How important are preference sheets?

Some scopists rely heavily on preference sheets and won't even start to scope a job without one.  Some reporters just want to advise the scopist which set of punctuation rules to follow and to figure it out based on what is written.  If some punctuation is written multiple ways, though, the scopist can become confused and not enjoy trying to be a mindreader, so communication is essential to result in a beautiful transcript scoped to the reporter's preferences.

These are samples of some of the questions we've been asked.

Jot YOUR questions down and have them ready for your personal coaching session!