How long should it take to be ready for my first client?


That depends on a myriad of factors, as each person is unique in so many ways.  Some people require more training than others.

Are there training programs available anywhere?


Couldn't I just learn everything I need to know in online chat rooms?  Our coaches can provide detailed answers about training.

Do I have to be a court reporter to create legal transcripts?


No.  Many transcripts are created by typists with no court reporter training.  However, some clients do require AAERT certification.

What are the various types of transcription?


Transcription is grouped into three major types:  General, medical, and legal.  Included under the legal umbrella is law enforcement transcription.

How and where can I find my first clients?


No worries!  One of our transcription coaches can give you solid advice and point you in the right direction.  As a bonus, your coach might refer clients to you!

These are random samplings of questions our coaches are asked.


Write down all of your questions and have them ready for your personal consultation with the coach of your choice!